You are more than your Military Experience - Leverage your Military experience…or follow your interest, aptitude, parameters and requirements to a new career pathway.


In determining your positionality you assess and evaluate your current educational attainment, vocational proficiency and financial literacy. Where the three spheres of influence intersect is where you find your current positionality, which is very different from your preparedness. Once your positionality is determined and further aligned to your career personality, you can then determine a true pathway to your future career goals.

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Educational Parameters/Requirements

It’s never too late to empower yourself through education and use it to advance your success. Education gives you an opportunity to build a foundation in which you can accomplish greatness. The chart to the left provides a visual reference for discerning the education requirements and standards for your chosen career path and current posionality.

Career Parameters/Requirements

As you transition from the Military you have a huge, and for what may be the first, opportunity to chart your future career pathway. CMA teaches a curriculum based on these three pillars in their Warrior Transition Workshops for Veterans, Service Members in Transition and their families.

Each of us have limiting factors to our career pathway to be minimized, eliminated or overcome. The key is to make an honest introspection of career expectations against those factors and make an authentic, planned, progressive outline of how to tackle each limiting factor with the end goal in mind.

CMA's objective is to have a new generation or transitioning Military Members who approach their career planning with an understanding of their educational limitations or strength, the financial requirements and goals, how their hard and soft skills fit into today's employment market and where those factors intersect to create a plan for their career path.

Importantly, these factors are always in motion.

Financial Parameters/Requirements

Income for most is determined by the market value of their labor, paid as wages and salaries. Individuals can increase their income and job opportunities by choosing to acquire more education, work experience, and job skills. The decision to undertake an activity that increases income or job opportunities is affected by the expected benefits and costs of such an activity. Through transition it is imperative you make an assessment of:

  • Your financial needs and requirements

  • An accounting of expenses and costs currently support through Military Housing Allowance pay

  • Insurance and Benefit costs

All cross referenced to

  • Your career level, occupation and Industry standard compensation pay bands

  • Your target location cost of living adjustments

  • Your experience and educational application to employment landscape

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