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About Centurion Military Alliance

In 2011, a family of 7 OEF/OIF veterans who were disheartened by the sheer number of military men, women, and spouses that struggled to make a successful transition from military-to-civilian life. With a sincere desire to continue to serve, Centurion Military Alliance (CMA) was formed and the family immediately took the initiative to personally fund the program as well as partner with leadership from the local community who not only agreed with the spirit and intent of CMA’s mission, but also willing to take the necessary action to prepare, train and educate the nation’s transitioning service members, veterans, primary caregivers, and military spouses; with the purpose of providing the knowledge, tools and resources required to successfully transition their military skills into a civilian career.

Over the past seven (7) years, CMA’s research-driven methodology has enabled the organization to build and sustain a robust transition assistance program, directly facilitating successful transition of over 7000 service-members, veterans, spouses, dependents, and/or caregivers. Since its inception, CMA is proud to affirm that has not changed its Charter and has successfully demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the nation, its transitioning active duty - veteran population and the larger military-affiliated community. Under its Charter, CMA will continue to:

  • Serve as a nationwide nonprofit organization in support of the Department of Defense (DOD) Transition Assistance Program (TAP) and peripheral DOD duly-authorized program(s)

  • Align with and directly provide services and/or facilitate access to services such that support U.S. military installation(s) transition assistance and/or family readiness programs

  • Collegially advocate for nonprofit organizations and programs that align with and support Public Law 112- 56, VOW to HIRE HEROES Act 2011, and to further support such that promotes the social welfare of the nation’s transitioning service-members, veterans, spouses, dependents and caregivers.