The Warrior Ethos

The Spartans do not ask how many the enemy are, but where they are – Plutarch

A message from the President of the Board - Dr. Steven Hall

Centurion Military Alliance champions the Warrior Ethos – we seek out our brothers’ and sisters’ transition/reintegration challenges and combat them head-on. Team CMA is comprised of warriors who remain dedicated to the Profession of Arms and an Ethic that guides such when engaged in combat. The Warrior Ethos reaches beyond the physical bounds of armed conflict, beyond those wars fought down range, and into any battlefield wherever it is found.

As warriors, we fight by a code - One that does not yield, does not waver, and does not compromise. The fight is too important and potential loss too great. We give voice where one is needed – to provide aid and support, until such a time, their voices can join us in unison as we continue to recognize and honor our warriors and their devotion to this great nation.

Of all that we have done, let this be said of us – “Whether in uniform or not, we continue to serve, contributing to a legacy; we refuse to shirk our responsibility to mentor our brothers and sisters and those who are close to them”

Chaunte Myers