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Resume Writing

CMA prides itself in assisting service members with their transition by collaborating with resume writing experts who truly understand the value and importance of demilitarizing a resume. CMA provides each service member with one-on-one attention from our pool of highly talented resume writers. CMA’s team members recognize that regardless of one’s rank, making the transition from military-to-civilian life can be challenging. One of the most rigorous obstacles service-members face is demilitarizing their resume into a language that civilian recruiters understand. However, upon exiting, one of the greatest advantages service members have is they possess an abundance of qualities and real world experiences that make them highly marketable and valued by employers. In an increasingly competitive employment market, a successfully crafted resume proves to be a determinant factor in positioning one’s self above the competition. CMA encourages transitioning service members and veterans, and further extends an invitation to spouses and caregivers to seize the opportunity to make a difference in yours as well as someone else’s life.

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