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CMA’s Mission

CMA’s mission is to serve transitioning military service members, veterans, primary caregivers, and military spouses by providing vetted resources and military-to-civilian cross-trained expertise, primarily focused on supporting and preparing the military community in pursuit of short- and long-term goals as it relates to; 1) professional career opportunities, 2) vocational training and/or educational attainment, and 3) establishing/maintaining financial stability.

CMA’s Vision

CMA’s vision is to cultivate a collaborative community-based environment comprised of support organizations and associated resources designed to equip, train, and educate transitioning military and military-affiliated members with the goal to reduce/mitigate the adverse effects associated with ill-prepared transition planning from the military to civilian sector. CMA’s goal is to develop and further cultivate a self-sustaining, rigorously monitored, tracked, and reported military-to-civilian employment readiness, training and education platform and to provide such for as long as there is a need to do so.

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